RBS transfers

How long do RBS transfers take to arrive?

If you transfer money from your RBS bank account to another bank account in the United Kingdom, the money you transfer will leave your account immediately and should be received by the payee immediately after it leaves your account. However, there are exceptions to this.

Any transactions that are abornmal or unusual, such as those made at odd hours or for odd amounts or to new payees with a high value, may be investigated by Royal Bank of Scotland. Once this investigation is complete and reaches a satisfactory conclusion, your transfer will be given the green light.

Transfers over the value of £20,000.00 can take two days to arrive, and RBS digital banking has a £20,000.00 limit per working day on transfers. RBS telephone banking has a £10,000.00 limit per working day.

Transfers between your accounts

Transfers between your accounts will happen instantly. There’s no value limitation on inter-account transfers, and there’s no limit on the number of inter-account transfers you can make in a single day. You can transfer money between your current accounts, savings accounts and credit card accounts with no value limits whatsoever.

To transfer money between your accounts, you can log in to your RBS digital banking account on a computer, download the RBS mobile application on your smartphone, or call RBS telephone banking. Alternatively, you can pop into your local Royal Bank of Scotland branch. Click here to use the RBS branch locator tool.

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