How to use telephone banking

How to use telephone banking

If you need to quickly check your account balance or make a payment or transfer, there is no faster or easier way than with telephone banking.

Telephone banking gives you access to all your bank accounts (including your current, savings and mortgage accounts) and lets you manage them over the phone. To help you use telephone banking properly, below we have provided some helpful tips which you can use for all automated telephone banking services in the United Kingdom.

When you call

When you call telephone banking, you will need three things:

1. Your account number
2. Your sort code
3. Your security number

(Items marked in bold are needed for all telephone banking services)

Your account number is used to identify your account, and your sort code is used as a further identification method, although it is not always needed. Your security number is a unique number that you will have received in your Welcome Pack when you registered for telephone banking. You will need these everytime you call telephone banking. If you do not have them, then you won’t be able to use telephone banking for security reasons.

During your call

During your call, you will be given a few different options to select, which you select on your phone’s dial pad. For example, you might be instructed to:

Press 1 to hear your account balance

Press 2 to make a payment or transfer

Press 3 to make an international transfer

Press 5 to add a new payee

Press 6 to order a bank statement

Press 7 to be put through to an operator

Simply select the options that are most relevant to you on your phone’s keypad, and follow the instructions your phone gives you. For example, if you were to press 1 from the listed menu options above, then your available account balance or balances would be read out to you. Or, if you were to press 5 from the menu options above, then you would be asked to input the numerical account number and sort code of your new payee.

When you have completed the banking errands you set out to do, simply hang up your phone. The automated telephone banking system should prompt you to do so, once it has fulfilled a task.

If you cannot perform the errand you wish to run using the automated system, then we recommend you hold for an operator. A customer service advisor will be able to help you make payments and transfers, set up new payees, and order bank statements. You will also have the opportunity to query any recent account transactions and you’ll be able to ask for general information about your accounts.

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