HSBC card lost stolen

HSBC card lost or stolen?

If your HSBC card has been lost or stolen, you should call the HSBC Lost and Stolen Card Team. The telephone number for the Team is 03456 007 010, or +44 1442 422 929 if you are calling from overseas.

The HSBC Lost and Stolen Card team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will cancel the lost or stolen card in question for you, so that it cannot be used. A new HSBC card will be ordered for you on the phone. You should receive your new card within just a few days of it being ordered.

We hope the above answers your question regarding lost and stolen HSBC cards. More information about replacing your debit or credit card card can be found here.

Additional security information can be found below:

PIN number

You should always protect your PIN number. HSBC will never ask for your PIN number over the telephone, by email or in writing. You should cover your PIN and the keypad at cash points, and wherever else your PIN number might be used.

Contactless payments

If your HSBC card has contactless technology, it can be used without entering a PIN number for any payments up to £30. Do not give your card to anybody who might misuse your card for contactless payments.

Unauthorised payments

If you have spotted a payment or transaction that you do not recognise on your bank statement, you should contact HSBC immediately. You should check your bank statements regularly and query any payments that you do not recognise.

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