HSBC Current and Savings Accounts

HSBC Current Accounts and Savings Accounts

HSBC are one of the world’s largest banks, with tens of millions of customers located around the world. Why they choose to bank with HSBC is obvious – the company offer extremely competitive rates across a range of different services. Here in the UK, they’re best known for their current accounts.

By clicking the link above, you’ll be taken to HSBC’s current account page, which features a huge amount of information regarding their current account options for customers. Currently, HSBC offer £200 for customers switching to the bank – £150 when they move and another £50 after 12 months, as a thank you for staying.

That offer is valid on the HSBC Advance Bank Account and HSBC Premier Account, both of which offer a range of features which make them amongst the most desirable in the sector. Other accounts like the Basic Bank Account, Student Bank Account, Graduate Bank Account, Bank Account Pay Monthly and MyMoney all fill out the ranks and lead to a comprehensive range of banking options for everyone. You calso an call HSBC telephone banking to manage your account.

Also on the page is a wide variety of help, guides and information regarding HSBC current accounts and their banking policies, along with links for current bank account holders with HSBC.

Managing your savings is utterly crucial as you make your way through life, but with HSBC’s savings accounts, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. By utilising the link above, you can find out all about HSBC’s comprehensive range of savings options, ideal for any kind of saver.

Whether you want to buy your first home, enjoy tax free savings, set up a savings account for your kid or anything else, HSBC have an option for you. Amongst the offerings are gems like HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA, which offers flexible tax-free savings. Your funds are accessible at any time and you’ll receive a loyalty rate for 12 months from the date of each payment into your ISA. They can be up to 0.50% AER, depending on the type of account you currently hold with HSBC.

Also on the savings account page is a raft of information, like their Savings Explained page which offers simple explanations to the sometimes complicated world of savings. You’ll also find information on interest rate changes and how they affect you, definitions of common banking terms and much, much more.

So, if you’re interested in growing your cash savings and think HSBC might be the bank to help, the HSBC savings accounts page is exactly where you should be.

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