HSBC Loans and Mortgages

HSBC Loans and Mortgages

HSBC are one of the world’s leading supplier of personal loans, loaning hundreds of millions of pounds each and every year to individuals for countless purposes. The link found above will take you to HSBC’s personal loan page, where you can find out whether you’re eligible for a loan, how much your monthly loan repayments would be and how to apply for the loan.

It begins with HSBC’s super simple loan calculator which lets you select a sum between £1,000 and £25,000 and how long you’d want to pay it back over, wither that’s 12 months, 60 months or anywhere in between. You’ll then be able to see the monthly repayments, the total amount payable your representative APR, the interest rate and any cashback you might receive if you’re an Advance customer.

HSBC offer 4 types of personal loan, the standard personal loan, the HSBC premier personal loan, a graduate loan and the flexi loan. Each offer their own distinct set of advantages, meaning there’s an option for everyone. To manage your loan or bank account, contact HSBC telephone banking.

Each loan can be applied for online, but the page offers more than that. It’s also a trove of useful information on things like overpayments, accessing funds, receiving an expedited decision, cashback and much, much more.

Mortgages can help us achieve what we want in life. Whether that’s buying our first home, helping us expand our business or purchase a buy-to-let property and become a landlord. Whatever we want from our mortgage, we need a mortgage provider which offers fair rates and support when we require it. That mortgage provider is HSBC.

One of the world’s leading mortgage providers, HSBC UK offer a range of helpful mortgage options to customers who wish to secure their debts against their property. They currently offer four specialist mortgages, each one designed to help a specific group. They include options for first time buyers, those looking to re-mortgage their property, move to a new home or invest in a buy to let property. Each one is available with fixed rate, tracker rate or variable rate terms, meaning there’s an option for everybody.

If you’re already a HSBC mortgage customer and want to manage your current HSBC mortgage, you’ll also find a link on the page that will help you with your requirements. Whether that’s making extra payments, overpaying, changing your final payment date or borrowing more money, HSBC have the information to help.

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