Lloyds mortgages and loans

Lloyds Mortgages and Loans


Taking out a mortgage is always a big decision in life, but with Lloyds it doesn’t have to be a needlessly complicated one. As a leading mortgage supplier in the UK, Lloyds have helped countless aspiring and current homeowners get the funds together to change their lives.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, move your mortgage to Lloyds for a better deal, move to a new property or re-mortgage your existing property, there’s something for everyone at the Lloyds mortgage page.

Existing mortgage customers are invited to use the page to manage their mortgage, find their next mortgage deal, borrow more money, make a change to their payment structure or move home with Lloyds. There are even special offers for customers looking to buy a property to let it.

If you’re not a Lloyds mortgage customer, you can use the page to find out everything you might want to know about the company’s offering. Useful tools like a mortgage calculator are included and Lloyds even include a comprehensive mortgage comparison calculator, so you can find the perfect mortgage for your needs.

That’s not all though, because Lloyds also have a massive range of guides, tools and information available for anyone seeking to take out a mortgage, whether that’s a Lloyds one or not – just another way they’re looking out for you. To speak to Lloyds about a mortgage or your telephone banking account, call Lloyds telephone banking or contact them online.



Lloyds are one of the leading suppliers of personal loans in the UK, dispensing millions of pounds every single year to people just like you. Regardless of whether you’re looking to make home improvements, buy a new car or any other reason, Lloyds have your back.

The link above will take you to Lloyds bank loan page, where you can find out about their incredible range of loans, all of which are available between £7,500 and £25,000 spread over one to five years. They include the Online Exclusive Loan which offers a representative APR of 3.6% and the Flexible Loan, which lets you pay off your loan early but charges a representative 4.6% APR.

You’ll also find links to their Graduate loan and the Flexible Loan Loyalty discount for their Club Lloyds current account customers, along with information about how you can increase the amount of your loan or manage your loan online, along with a number of other guides to help you understand the world of loan finance.

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