Natwest Insurance and Investments

NatWest Insurance and Investments

Insurance helps each of us to protect the things which matter most to us, like our health, home, car and more. As responsible people, we know that when the worst happens, having insurance is utterly crucial. Thankfully, with NatWest’s range of insurance products, you know that you’re covered.

By using the NatWest insurance home page listed above, you can discover about all of NatWest’s insurance products, which include home insurance, life insurance, private insurance and car insurance. If you’ve got a NatWest packaged current account, you can also take out travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, car breakdown coverage or home emergency cover.

If you have a NatWest bank account, the Natwest telephone banking service can be used to manage your bank accounts and enquire about insurance products.

On the page, each product can be investigated with more detail and even applied for online, making the process of getting insurance a painless one from start to finish. You’ll also find on that page a raft of information to help solve your problems, whether that’s enquiring about what’s covered by NatWest insurance, how to make a claim and much, much more.

If you’ve got savings in your bank account that are simply sitting there, gathering dust, you might well be thinking about investing your cash somewhere it might have the chance to grow.

NatWest have almost 60 years of investment experience, guiding their clients through the sometimes thorny world of investing. Their products today include NatWest Invest, an innovative and simple new way for people to invest without the need for financial advice. You can choose from a range of risk based funds and start investing from just £500.

Tax-free ISAs are also available, which allow you to invest up to £4,080 a year and generate higher interest rates than you would through a traditional account.

Of course, you can always request a face to face meeting with a NatWest financial advisor, should you wish to invest in a more serious manner.

The page is also home to a great deal of information regarding investments of all sorts, as well as links for managing your current investments. Truly, it’s the perfect one stop shop for all things investments and NatWest, so what are you waiting for? Grow that money today!

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