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RBS Current Accounts and Credit Cards


When it comes to keeping our money safe, there’s no option quite like a current account. Current accounts allow us to pay in our wages, set up direct debits and pay for the things we want in life with a simple tap, thanks to contactless payments. But which bank should you opt for, for the best current account deal? The answer might be RBS.

The Royal Bank of Scotland are one of the UK’s oldest and biggest banks, offering current accounts to everybody, from the young to the old. By clicking the link above you’ll be taken to RBS’ current account page. From there, you can follow the tabs to pages for new customers, those looking to open a secondary account, accounts for under 18s, student bank accounts and managing your existing RBS current account. Or, you can call RBS telephone banking.

If you follow the first link, you’ll find out about RBS’ incredible range of current accounts, which include the Select account, their basic fee-free account for depositing and accessing your cash. You’ll also find their Reward, Reward Silver, Reward Platinum and Reward Black accounts, which cost varying amounts of money a month, but offer a range of benefits like increased overdraft, cashback on household bills and out shopping, travel insurance, mobile phone insurance, car breakdown cover and more!

Credit Cards


Credit cards are an essential part of many of our lives, helping us to afford the things we want in life and spread the cost of everyday essentials without having to worry about dipping into our overdraft. With so many credit card providers out there though, you’d be forgiven for being a little confused. From big name banks to independent card issuers, there’s no shortage of choice out there.

RBS’ are one of the UK’s biggest and oldest banking establishments, and over the years they’ve approved millions of credit cards for people just like you. By using the link above, you’ll be taken to the RBS credit card page, where you’ll find links out to their card range, cards for students, a guide to being accepted for a credit card and even a link to manage your existing RBS credit card.

RBS’ card range includes the brilliant Reward and Reward Black credit card, which lets you earn rewards on your everyday spend, with up-to 1% back on your supermarket spend, 0.5% back on petrol and 0.5% everywhere else.

If you just want the lowest rate available, their Clear Rate credit card is the one to look out for. With one simple low rate for both purchases and balance transfers, it’s the simplest way to manage your credit spending. Simply pay your yearly fee of £24 and you’ll enjoy a rate of 6.9% APR,

Of course, if you’re already a RBS credit card customer, you can also find a host of links on that page designed to help you solve your problems. They include links to register your travel plans, saving on foreign exchange fees, managing your credit card and more.

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