RBS investments

RBS Investments


Current accounts are fantastic, but there’s no denying the fact that they rarely help our money grow. Instead, the money stored in our current accounts just sits there, gathering dust. For many of us, that means our minds turn towards thinking about investing our cash somewhere it might have the chance to grow.

An investment could help to increase your income, by paying out as your investment value rises. Bonds and stocks are the most common types of investment which can you do through RBS. These may pay you a yearly dividend, or you could sell your shares for a tidy profit.

RBS are one of the oldest banks in the country, with over 290 years of experience providing investment opportunities for customers and guiding their clients through the sometimes thorny world of investing. Their products today include Junior ISA, a way for you to invest for your child in a tax-efficient fund for them to access once they’ve turned 18, allowing you to invest up to £4,080 a tax year.

RBS investors can call RBS 24/7 to enquire about their investments, and to make payments. Current and savings account holders can use RBS telephone banking to manage their accounts and move money around.

There are also structured deposit investment schemes like RBS’ Index Bond, Special Edition Autopilot Bond, Combi Saver Bond, Guaranteed Bond, Guaranteed Combi Bond and Special Edition Global Growth Bond. Indeed, you’ll also find their structured investment plans, collective investments, investment bonds, discretionary portfolio services, child trust funds, retirement plans and more.

Of course, you can always request a face to face meeting with an RBS financial advisor, should you wish to invest in a more serious manner.

The page is also home to a great deal of information regarding investments of all sorts, as well as links for managing your current investments.

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