Santander current accounts

Santander Current Accounts and Credit Cards

When it comes to signing up for a current account, there are countless options available to you. From banks which financially reward you for making the switch to banks which offer a range of consistent and reliable rewards as a customer, it can be hard to know where to turn.

However, with the Santander current account range, the only choice you have to make is which suits you best. If you hold a Santander current account, you can call Santander telephone banking to manage your accounts.

By using the link above, you’ll be taken to Santander’s current account page, which features details on every Santander current account, like their renowned 1|2|3 current account, which offers cashback on everyday essentials like household bills for just a £5 monthly fee. There’s also the 1|2|3 lite account, which pays a smaller amount of cashback for £1 per month.

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, why not try the Everyday current account, which offers all the regular benefits of a current account, along with Santander’s fantastic customer service. Also on the page you’ll find information about the Choice current account, student and graduate account, along with accounts for kids and more!

If you’re an existing Santander current account customer, or simply somebody who wants more information about their range and fees, you’ll also find links to relevant resources on the page.

Credit cards are, for many of us, an important part of our financial routine. They let us pay for the things we need whilst also building our credit score by making regular payments against our debt. However, when you’re picking a credit card, things can get complicated. That is, unless you use the link above and select a Santander credit card.

You can choose the card that’s right for you, so whether you’d like to save on interest repayments, balance transfers, spreading the cost of purchases or earn major cashback on purchased, there’s a Santander credit card to suit your needs.

Their most feature-complete card is the All in One credit card which helps you save on interest repayments with 0% on balance transfers for 41 months. You’ll also enjoy zero foreign transaction fees when you spend in the local currency and even earn cashback on your purchases, for just £3 per month.

Another option is the Everyday credit card which helps you spread your costs over 27 months with 0% interest and no monthly fee, or the Zero credit card which has no monthly fee and no foreign transaction fees, along with a reasonable APR.

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