Telephone banking benefits

Telephone Banking Benefits

Through telephone banking, you can:

Hear your account balances: Want to know how much money you have available, including your overdraft? Telephone banking lets you hear your account balances in real-time.

Make payments and transfers: Moving money around through telephone banking is quick, easy and secure. To setup a new payment or transfer, simply select from a list of your payees or set up a new payee.

Order a statement: If you need a bank statement, you can order one on the phone. You can order bank statements from up to six months ago, and you can order historic statements too.

Set up and cancel standing orders and Direct Debits: You can set up or cancel standing orders and Direct Debits with telephone banking. To do this, select the standing order using your phone’s keypad or using your voice if prompted to do so.

Speak to a customer advisor: Should you wish to enquire about your bank accounts or recent account activity, you can hold for an operator who will be able to answer any questions you have.

How do I get with started with telephone banking?

You will need to register with your bank. To do so, you can call your bank or you can email them. Your bank will send out to you a ‘Welcome Pack’, otherwise known as a ‘Security Pack’, in the post which will contain a unique telephone banking security number. This will then be used to access telephone banking each time you call.

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