TSB Current Accounts

TSB Current Accounts


For each of us, our current account is the foundation of our financial life. It’s where the majority of our wages go and through our bank card, it’s our most common payment interaction with the world around us. As such, picking one that works for you is essential.

TSB are one of the UK’s most popular current account providers with over 7 current accounts available, each with a specific benefit for customers. By using the page listed above, you’ll be taken to the TSB current account page, where you can find out about incredible accounts like their most popular Classic Plus account, which offers a strong 3% APR interest, no monthly fees and all the regular benefits of a modern current account.

To manage your TSB current account, you can use TSB’s telephone banking service, or mobile banking service. Through telephone banking, you can make payments and transfers and move money around for free.

Also available for TSB customers is the Silver account, which offers European Couples Travel Insurance from Aviva, Breakdown cover from the AA, mobile phone insurance and pre-approved overdraft of £50 for just £9.95 a month. For £17 per month, you can upgrade to the Platinum account, which improves the car and holiday coverage, whilst improving the overdraft limit to £300.

However, it’s not all premium accounts, because the Cash account, Classic account, Student account, Graduate account and Under 19s account are all there to serve customers who simply want a place to store their money.

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