TSB Insurance

TSB Insurance


Insurance helps us protect the things which are most valuable to us. Whether that’s contents and building insurance to protect our homes from vandalism, theft and damage or life insurance to protect our family if the worst happens to us. With insurance, we can breathe that little easier, knowing that we’re covered if something goes wrong – but who do you sign up with?

TSB’s range of insurance products includes their fantastic Pick and Protect home insurance which saves you money by letting you select the aspects of cover you want for your home. Unlike many policies, Pick and Protect doesn’t bundle together lots of cover and ask you to pay for it, it lets you just choose what you want. You can even add or remove cover as and when you see fit, as many time as you want, with no fee. Those covers include buildings insurance, contents insurance, student contents insurance, home emergency insurance, legal services insurance, landlords’ insurance and more!

Some current accounts also come with insurance as a Reward. You can manage your current accounts with the TSB telephone banking service.

You’ll also find on the TSB insurance page links to TSB’s travel insurance policies which can keep you and your belongings safe whilst abroad, as well as life insurance provided by Legal & Guardian. Each insurance product can be taken online and quotes take just seconds to generate, so what are you waiting for?

We recommend that you contact TSB to find out more about the insurance services and products they provide. An advisor will be able to assist with your home and travel insurance. You might also already have insurance, if you have a Reward bank account with TSB.

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