TSB Loans and Credit Cards


Who has the title of Britain’s best loan? Well, if you believe TSB, it’s them. That’s the bold claim they’ve made, but with such a fantastic offer for loan customers, it’s hard not to believe them. By using the link above, you’ll be taken to TSB’s personal loans page, where you can borrow between £7,500 and £25,000 to be paid back between 1 and 5 years.

What makes their loan so special though? Well, with the lowest ever interest rate of 2.9% APR for loans up to £15,000, their basic rate is extremely competitive. You can also take up to two one-month repayment breaks a year, subject to approval – perfect for those times when you need a little financial breathing space.

Your money can also be had on the same day as approval, and your credit score won’t be hit for getting a personalised quote. Put simply, it’s a strong and comprehensive offering from TSB.

Using the link above you can get a quote for your loan, find out more about TSB’s loan offers, apply for a loan online and manage your existing loan with TSB. To manage your TSB personal loan, you can call TSB telephone banking.

Credit Cards


For many of us, credit cards are an essential tool in helping us pay for the things we want and need in life. However, choosing which credit card to sign up with can be confusing. With so many providers and so many cards out there, who do you choose to go with? TSB would say themselves, and for a good reason.

The link above will take you to TSB’s credit card page where you can discover the range of credit cards offered by one of the UK’s favourite banks. Their superb credit card finder tool will help you find a card that’s right for you, whilst their helpful FAQ page will help you get to grips with credit card financing and more.

On the page, you’ll find information about every TSB credit card current available, like the Platinum 20 Month Purchase Card, which offers TSB’s longest ever 0% on purchases offer. There’s also the new Platinum 28 Month Balance Transfer Card which features 0% for up to 28 months on balance transfers made within the first 90 days and 0% on purchased for the first 3 months.

There’s also the Advance MasterCard with a low 7.9% APR and the Student MasterCard which is designed to help students afford the essentials without running into financial difficulty.

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