TSB Telephone Banking

0843 770 5039

Call TSB telephone banking on 0843 770 5039 or 0345 9758 758. Lines are open 24/7 for new and existing TSB customers.

Telephone banking is a quick and convenient way to manage your accounts. You can move money around, pay your bills and much more by banking on the phone.

TSB Telephone Banking Numbers

TSB Telephone Banking 0843 770 5039
TSB Customer Service 0345 9758 758
Textphone 0345 835 3843

Call Charges

TSB Telephone Banking Opening and Closing times

TSB Telephone Banking 24/7
TSB Customer Service 24/7
Textphone 24/7

Telephone Banking with TSB

TSB telephone banking contact number

For most banking enquiries, telephone banking is the fastest and most convenient way to get things done. New and existing TSB customers can call 0843 770 5039 or 0345 9758 758 to access phone banking services. Over the phone, you can manage your accounts and check your recent transactions. You can also setup and make payments and transfers and pay your bills.

If you require a textphone service, then the number you should call is 0345 835 3843.

Call Instructions: You will be asked to input your account number or card details when you call. You will also be asked to input your 6-digit Security Number. Input the information required to access telephone banking services.

Registering for Telephone Banking with TSB

To bank on the phone, TSB customers must first register. You can register by calling TSB on 0843 770 5039 or 0345 9758 758. Registering takes just a few minutes and the customer advisor you speak to will also be able to help you with anything else you need to do there and then. However, you won’t be able to use TSB’s telephone banking service straight away – TSB will post out a Security Number to you, within 7 working days, which you will need to verify your identity when you call.

TSB Mobile Banking

You can also bank on your phone or tablet. Mobile banking with TSB is free, fast and convenient and it gives you the same functionality as banking on the telephone.

TSB’s app for iPhone can be found here, and TSB’s app for Android devices can be found here.

TSB Help and Support

TSB’s main help and support page can be found here. Additional help and support pages can be found below:

TSB Office Locations

You can write to TSB at any of the following addresses:

TSB Registered Office

Henry Duncan House,
120 George Street,
EH2 4LH.

TSB Complaints Office

TSB Complaints,
Customer Services,
BX4 7SB,
United Kingdom.

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About TSB


TSB is a UK-based retail and commercial bank, owned by the Sabadell Group. Its headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it employs 8,500 people. It operates 631 branches across England, Scotland and Wales, and currently serves over 4.6 million customers. TSB offers a variety of banking and related financial products and services. These are current accounts, mortgages, savings accounts including ISAs, loans, credit cards, and a range of insurance products including home, life, travel, landlord and gadget insurance.

Key People

  • Chairman: Will Samuel
  • CEO: Paul Pester
  • Chief Finance Officer: Ralph Coates
  • Chief Information Officer: Carlos Abarca
  • Chief Risk Officer: Iain Laing
  • General Counsel and Company Secretary: Susan Crichton
  • Treasurer: Ian Firth
  • Chief Marketing and Communications Officer: Nigel Gilbert
  • Chief Audit Officer: Carlos Paz
  • Chief Operating Officer: Helen Rose

TSB in its current form was established in 2013, but it can trace its history back to 1810, when the first trustee savings bank was established in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, by the Reverend Henry Duncan. The purpose of his bank was to look after savings deposited by the people in his community who were not rich enough to be served by the established banks, such as craftsmen and domestic servants. The idea grew in communities throughout the UK, and by 1861 there were 645 trustee savings banks in operation. During the 1970s and early 1980s all the trustee savings banks were brought together into the single organisation TSB Group plc. This merged with Lloyds Bank in 1995 to form the Lloyds TSB Group plc, which traded as Lloyds TSB. In 2013 a European Commission ruling required that Lloyds Banking Group had to sell a portion of its business. It consequently divested TSB, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange before being purchased by the Spanish bank Sabadell in 2015. The TSB branding remains.

TSB’s most popular products are its current accounts – in 2014, one in every 10 new current accounts in the UK was opened with TSB. More details about these and the bank’s other products, including how to apply, can be found on its website or by calling into any of its branches.